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  • Trekking Kerinci Volcano

    Trekking Kerinci Volcano

    Towering over the Sumatran landscape, Mt. Kerinci demands respect. At 3805 meters tall,...

  • Mt. Tujuh Adventure

    Mt. Tujuh Adventure

    Gunung Tujuh is a massive, extinct volcano whose eruption in ancient times blew apart the top of...

  • Bukit Tapan Camping

    Bukit Tapan Camping

    A one night exploration of the famous Bukit Tapan road. Walk the trail during the twilight and...

  • Ladeh Panjang Wetlands

    Ladeh Panjang Wetlands

    The Ladeh Panjang Wetlands, at the western foot of Mt. Kerinci and deep within the Kerinci Seblat...

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