E'en surveying Danau Singkarak in the Ladeh Panjang Wetlands

Staff & Guides

We believe strongly that forest conservation through tourism is most effective when locals from the community are directly involved. This is why we don’t use guides from outside areas, but work hard to make sure that all guides come from the communities as close as possible to the forest-edge or site of interest. We also strive to work with guides that are both experienced in the forest, and experienced with English. Where a guide is still learning English, we send along a local translator to help bridge the communication gap for the traveler. To be clear: as advocates of community-based ecotourism, only local guides accompany visitors on trips with Wild Sumatra unless it’s an exploratory or training trip. Our guides are all independent—we simply work together with them to support their goals and assist them in areas like training, marketing their services, networking, logistics and planning, and email communication. We want them to have full ownership and control of what they’re doing, and are just here to provide assistance to them as they need. After all, they will be here long after we have gone. Below are just a few of the folks we’re lucky to be working alongside.

Staff & Guides

Luke Mackin

Luke grew up in SE Asia, but in the huge mega city of Manila. From the moment he moved to his passport country of the US, he always yearned to return to Asia – but to a more natural, wild setting. For him, Kerinci fits the bill – you certainly can’t get much more natural than an isolated valley completely surrounded on all sides by one the largest protected areas in Asia where tigers, bears, and gibbons still roam. Besides helping connect visitors with local guides, other projects Luke is working on include assisting English teachers and working with farmers to help them export coffee in a more direct, fair way. Luke absolutely loves living in Kerinci, and hopes that in some small way Wild Sumatra can contribute to the conservation of the enchanting and magnificent forests in the area, and to the prosperity of the wonderful Kerinci people. Connect with his personal account on Facebook here, and see his photos taken around Kerinci on his Flickr page here.

Joshua Kegg

Born near Philadelphia, Joshua’s family moved to a beach town when he was young. Growing up in the southwest USA, Joshua had a love for the outdoors and adventure. During college, he discovered his love for backpacking. This, along with a love of SE Asia, was further confirmed when Joshua attended a study-abroad program in West Papua, Indonesia where he enjoyed mountain biking, snorkeling amazing reefs, bushwhacking through jungles, and extreme adventure that marked the trip. Now, having lived in Indonesia for a decade, Joshua delights in introducing foreigners to the natural and cultural beauty in Indonesia, especially Indonesia’s great treasure, her people. He lives in Bengkulu with his wife and 4 children.

Pak Subandi

For over 20 years, Pak Subandi has been guiding visitors throughout the forests of the Kerinci Seblat National Park. From the village of Kersik Tuo, at the base of Mt. Kerinci, he and his wife have opened a small guesthouse in their home where they are happy to host road weary travelers. Pak Subandi has worked closely with FFI and the WWF, and has trained a number of the guides currently operating in the park. His specialty is bird watching, and still gets excited to see rare birds and animals even after all of these years.

Endatno Een

Also from the village of Kersik Tuo, Pak E’en has been guiding visitors for over 13 years. An avid birdwatcher, Endatno Een’s favorite treks are to the Ladeh Panjang Wetlands and to the peak of Mt. Kerinci.


Pak Pani hails from the village of Pelompek, at the foot of the enchanting Gunung Tujuh. He enjoys taking trips to the Pauh Tinggi waterfalls near his village, the Goa Kasah caves, and up to the top of the mighty Mt. Kerinci. He has been guiding for ten years.

"Zacky" Zaid

Zacky is a leader in the local nature lovers club “Pencinta Alam.” From the village of Lempur in southern Kerinci, his favorite treks are to the many lakes surrounding Lempur, especially the lovely blue Lake Kaco, and to the active volcano Gunung Kunyit that towers over his village. Members of the Pencinta Alam club actively patrol the forests in their areas in their free time, looking to discourage bird hunters and clean up any rubbish that they may come across. Very knowledgeable about the forest, but fairly new to guiding, Pencinta Alam members are looking forward to showing visitors their piece of heaven.