Bengkulu: Rock Climbing

If you are new to the sport or an experienced climber, we can connect you to some amazing locations. Our well trained guides will provide all the gear and do all the work of setting up and belyaing. Just check out the locations below!


Bukit Kandis

Bukit Kandis

If you are looking for a place to rock climb, then welcome to your new playground! Bukit Kandis is located about 1 hour from the city of Bengkulu. A majority of the journey contains paved roads, but the last 20 minutes will be bumpy as you approach the peak of Kandis jetting out above landscape. This rock face contains routes graded from 5.3 – 5.9 (YDS) with relatively easy access to create top-rope anchors.

Even if rock climbing is not your forte, Bukit Kandis also serves as a great place for camping with some spectacular panoramas. From the base of the peak you can see Bengkulu city and the Indian Ocean on a clear day. You can also distinctly see Bukit Bungkuk as you look over the vast jungles below.

Goa Kacamata

Goa Kacamata

Appropriately named for its two eye-like caves, Goa Kacamata (translated glasses) is located in Maura Aman, the capital city of Lebong regency. This 40m (130 ft) rock face has been recently cleared of brush and made ready for climbing. Perfect for the beginner climber, Kacamata offers two routes, a shorter (15m) easy climb (5.3 YDS) and a longer (30m) intermediate climb (5.5 YDS).

Maura Aman is approximately 3 hours from the city of Curup.



After a day climbing of at Goa Kacamata, you can cool off in the crystal clear waters of Air Putih. Located 10 minutes outside Muara Aman, Air Putih offers a scenic location perfect for an afternoon swim. After jumping from the 6m (20ft) cliffs into the river, you can relax by the waterside, watch the steaming hot springs, and enjoy a freshly boiled egg.

Price: 50,000 per person

Further Details


Difficulty: Difficult
Activities: Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing
Terrain: Rockface, Mountains
Duration: Full day
Months of Operation: All year pending good weather


Location: Bukit Kandis and Goa Kacamata
Nearest Town: Bengkulu or Muara Aman
Closest Airport: Bengkulu (BKS)


Total Cost: Rock Climbing Package: 1,500,000 IDR for up to 4 people.
Larger group prices available upon request
Conditions: Bukit Kandis and Goa Kacamata are best to climb in the early afternoon to avoid the hot sun.

Rock climbing package includes top quality gear, trained guide, and lunch. Transportation cost included for Bukit Kandis. Transportation from Bengkulu to Curup and Curup to Muara Aman available at an additional cost. Large group prices available upon request.

We are proud that 5% of the total cost of this trip goes directly to 21st Century Tiger in support of wild tiger conservation projects in the Kerinci Seblat National Park and other areas of Sumatra.

Interested? We'd love to set up something that's right for you.

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