Hidden Falls

Bengkulu: Search for the Hidden Falls

Just off the beaten path, the Hidden Falls are easy to miss in the dense Sumatran jungle. But a 15m detour brings an incredible waterfall with easy access and a large, cool swimming hole.


A Hike to Remember

A Hike to Remember

From Bengkulu, drive an hour towards the mountains to a small village called Datar Lebar. There you will strap on your Chacos and daypack for an easy hike through rice paddies, coffee fields, and rubber plantations. Stop along the way to learn about traditional rubber tapping. Just don’t step in the rice paddies or you’ll lose a sandal in the deep mud.

Take the Plunge

Take the Plunge

After an hour hike, arrive at Hidden Falls, known locally as Air Terjun Datar Lebar from the village where you started your journey. Take some time for pictures and to take in the scenery of this hidden treasure. Then, dive into the cool refreshing pool at the base of the falls. When you get hungry, take a break for lunch on the rocks, in the sun or shade. In the early afternoon, begin the hike back to the car. Arrive back in Bengkulu in time for a shower and dinner.

Further Details


Difficulty: Easy
Activities: Hiking, Swimming
Terrain: Forest Trails
Duration: 1 Day
Months of Operation: Year Round (January-September are best)


Location: Hidden Falls
Nearest Town: Taba Penanjung
Closest Airport: Bengkulu Fatmawati


Total Cost: 1,000,000 IDR for two people
Conditions: It’s an easy 1-hour hike up a developed path that a child could do (ours have!), but not so easy as to take away a little challenge. One small river crossing, so best to wear Chacos, Tevas, or similar outdoor sandals. Make sure you come prepared to swim in the waterfall, as there is a large swimming hole.

Price includes a local guide/driver, a rental car, lunch, and transport from Bengkulu to and from the trail head. Price per person reduced with more than two travelers.

We are proud that 5% of the total cost of this trip goes directly to 21st Century Tiger in support of wild tiger conservation projects in the Kerinci Seblat National Park and other areas of Sumatra.

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