Remote Island Getaway - Enganno Island

Enganno island – home to miles of untouched coral reef, huge caves, great waves, virgin forests, and friendly culture. This island composed of 6 villages and nearly 3,000 residents lies off the southwest coast of Sumatra and is part of Bengkulu province. One of the reasons this island retains its natural beauty is due to the remoteness. Getting to Enganno requires a 12 hour ferry ride, but it is well worth the trip for the adventurous at heart.

Although it seems remote, Enganno is frequently visited by friends and family of the local people and also by tourists (particularly surfers). Because the island is reliant on supplies from the mainland, a ferry departs from Bengkulu twice a week (dependent on weather). However, the ferry can be unreliable during rainy season and may not depart for several weeks. An alternative option is to take a 45 minute plane ride operated by Susi Air.

Our trip to Enganno was truly adventurous including…

- Snorkeling – miles of untouched, pristine coral reef. You can spend hours exploring this underwater garden filled with vibrant plant and sea life.

- Spearfishing with the local people – way harder than it looks! These guys are skilled at diving deep, waiting for the right moment, and catching fish the traditional way.

- Exploring enormous caves. With the help of local guides we spent 4+ hours touring a cave system filled with stalactites, stalagmites, crystals, high dome ceiling, bats, eels, and pools for swimming.

Another smaller cave where you can feel the rush of wind as bats swirl around you.

In addition, you can enjoy…

- White sand beaches. String up a hammock and relax on a truly remote beach…or even an uninhabited island.

- Jungle treks. Whether you are making your way to a cave or just out on a hike, you can enjoy the surroundings of virgin forests.

- Surfing. We can connect you with the right guys to make this happen.

I would have more pictures, but unfortunately I broke my iPhone while spearfishing with the locals. Apparently, LifeProof cases are only good to a depth of 2m underwater…some of us learn the hard way!

Posted 11 August, 2015